5 Questions: Apartment or House

Deciding between a house and apartment can be a difficult task. But, there are still some guidelines which can help you decide whether you should have a dream house or a dream apartment. The goal of answering these five questions is to simplify the thinking process and bring you closer to your dream home.

studio apartment

1.)Are external features important to you?

As we all know, houses have the potential to be beautiful structures with lavish gardens and house fronts. Life in a house provides a variety to choose from when it comes to external features, while apartment living provides almost none. If your dream home involves landscaping, gardens, or striking exterior aesthetics, a house will probably be more suitable for your needs.

2.)Would general trends in housing influence you?

Traditionally, houses have been a more reliable and secure investment. Though recently, apartments are also becoming relatively stable on the market, but houses are still widely thought to be the safer option in terms of investment, thanks to the physical plot of land in your possession.

3.)Can you handle extra responsibility?

In a house, this responsibility will fall on you as the landlord. The responsibility of having to pay rent or a large mortgage might also be a factor when deciding between a rental or a permanent house.

4.)Is there a specific area you want to live in?

It’s important to think about what kind of lifestyles are most represented in the area where you’re thinking about settling down or buying a property. If apartment complexes make up the majority of the buildings, that could be a choice you should consider. But if houses are the most represented home structure, this might be the way to go.

5.)Are you looking for a short term or long term solution?

If you consider your property a long-term financial strategy, the points to houses as being the more profitable and stable option for investing will always stand. But meanwhile, evidence suggests that apartments can yield a stronger return in shorter or medium time frames since you can rent and/or resell, while renting is rarely an option with houses. This is an important factor to consider when making your decision – typically, investing in property is something done with the long-term gains in mind, however, whether this is the case for you is determined by your needs and preferences.


There are numerous things to consider when deciding about investing in a property. But in the end, the choice remains in your personal preference and your answers to all the questions above. There are disadvantages and advantages to both options but, in the end, you’ll most likely find that investing in property was a wise decision that results in financial rewards and emotional satisfaction in the future.

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Carpet Cleaning – Choosing Your Company

Choosing the most effective carpet cleaner in your area is a hard task: There are numerous carpet cleaning companies all claiming superior service. Read our tips on choosing a carpet cleaner and don’t worry about bad service ever again!

The Carpet Cleaning Process

Dry Carpet CleaningBefore hiring a carpet cleaning service, make sure you know what are the available options in cleaning methods and know which one is the one you need. Usually, you can choose between dry extraction and steam cleaning or a vacuum with strong chemicals and wet vacuum. Make sure you learn about what type of cleaning will fit your situation best.

Lowest price options are usually too good to be true


Sure, you want to save money, but when it comes to carpet cleaning, the company with the lowest price may not be the best choice.

Sometimes businesses will offer a low price simply to get a chance to enter your home. They’ll identify many other issues to raise the price and get you to buy more expensive services once they come to your home. Make the decision based on quality and recommendations first, and consider price as a secondary option.

Ask Around

When you know what your options are, you should begin talking to friends and family and asking for recommendations. There are places on the web that offer consumer reviews for local as well as nationwide carpet cleaners. One of the most popular being Yelp.com.

Inquire about included services


When shopping for carpet cleaning companies is typically just a base price, the advertised price you see. Extra services will cost more, and you need to know what these other costs might be.

As you call carpet companies, ask what is included in the quoted price. Will they move furniture for you? Will they clean high-traffic areas? Does it cost extra to clean stairs? These are the type of questions you should ask before making a hiring decision.

Oftentimes a standard carpet cleaning is enough to remove odor and dirt, but you may need to pay a little extra for additional services which target stubborn stains and set-in smells.

You should always let the company know what type of carpeting you have. If you don’t, and you have a type that will change or shrink color through the cleaning process, you will be paying for brand new carpets instead of just a cleaning service, though in most cases, the cleaners will ask you themselves.


You’re letting strangers into your home when you hire carpet cleaners. Make sure to only hire a company that screens its employees and conducts criminal background checks. If the carpet or your belongings are damaged during the cleaning process, a quality carpet cleaning company should take responsibility for its employees and make amends.


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Happy Hunting!


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House or apartment?

When talking about housing in general, we always come across the two most prominent solutions: houses and apartments. Which option fits you better? Giving a 100% correct answer is almost impossible. It’s an extremely layered question and it depends on many factors so, in the end, it comes down to personal preferences of every individual. And the first step to figuring out which of these options is better for you is learning what you are dealing with:

Apartments: Pros & Cons

apartment building

The biggest downside to apartment life is that, in general, houses are much spacier than apartments. But this shouldn’t be something that influences your decision in a major way. Learning to make the most of smaller space can lead to some creative solutions and in turn, a lifestyle modified to your needs. You can save space with wall-mounted furniture or ¬†make rooms seem larger by using the right materials and colors.

But sizing, when compared to location, is much less important. If your preference is living in an apartment, then you’ll most likely score a better location as opposed to those searching for houses.

With an apartment, neighbors are unavoidable and they probably won’t all be your cup of tea. If you prefer peace and quiet, you will have trouble finding those with an apartment lifestyle. The one thing you CAN do is work towards establishing a friendly relationship with your neighbors from the very beginning. Mutual respect goes a long way.


Security is an important question for every type of home. And in this department, apartments trump houses. Many apartment buildings have security guards, and most have secure front doors which can be opened only with a card or code. Also, it’s much less likely for a thief to go unseen when there are a number of people living in the same location.

If you like pets and they’re an essential part of your life, apartments will probably not be your choice. You’ll struggle in such a tight environment if you want a dog, while cats and other types of small pets won’t be majorly bothered by the lack of space and some apartment buildings have strict no pet policies.

Houses: Pros & Cons


Firstly, houses are better for those who love entertaining guests and throwing parties, there’s no doubt about it. When you have several bedrooms, a garden and plenty of space, entertaining your friends is a lot more pleasant.

But, a larger place also comes with more necessary maintenance. It’s much easier to clean a small apartment compared to a gigantic house. You will have more floors to vacuum, a ton of windows to clean, and you’ll also have to work on the garden or yard.


Houses,  in most cases, include garages or parking spaces and finding a parking space in front of an apartment building can sometimes be impossible.

When living in a house, you’ll have more privacy and a lot more freedom. No eyes looking out of the window from the building across the street, no neighbors to bother you.

Houses are also much cooler than apartments. If you opt for some greenery around your house, the effect is even better. You might not even need air conditioning.

In conslusion, the choice is ultimately on you – what are your prefrences, needs and wants will shape your decision and help you decide whether a house or an apartment is the best fit for you.

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